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Spouses podcasting together? After all, one of the biggest obstacles when starting a podcast is finding a host that complements you. So when one member of a couple provides the creative content-planning chops while the other geeks out over technology and sound quality, the result can be an enviable podcasting partnership. Read on to find out more about Paul and Caroline and how they manage to keep up with a weekly podcast, all while raising three kids with special needs:. So, we started podcasting.

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To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. Review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to learn more. Got it! Being A Good Wife Podcasts.

Sign up on web. Join millions of Player FM users today to get news and insights whenever you like, even when you're offline. Podcast smarter with the free podcast app that refuses to compromise. Let's play! Join the world's best podcast app to manage your favorite shows online and play them offline on our Android and iOS apps. It's free and easy! All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew -- from pop-culture to politics from Hollywood to History DJ and radio host DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey will explore the good, bad, ugly and beauty of relationships and family.

Join them every week as they let you in on past experiences, give advice, talk to celebrity couples and give you two sides to every situation. Tune in to learn more about what it means to be a 21st century Good Dad.

Laugh and learn as you listen to soon-to-be dads, brand new dads, over-the-road dads, dads with twins, single parent dads, divorced dads, and many other real-life dads.

Along with the occasional guest everyone from the duo's Hollywood friends to their gardener , the Schneiders dissect show business, their contrasting parenting methods, jokes, good food, philosophy, and then some. Be sure to tune in each week to see what happens! Refocusing their mindsets , and bringing clarity to being a bomb women before being a bomb wife.

Listen in every morning for a Word that will bless the rest of Programme exploring the limits and potential of the human mind. Living fit, healthy and happy and taking on life's problems with my wife, three toddlers and way too many things to do. Set at the turn of the 19th century, Pride and Prejudice catches a perfect glimpse not only of a time when women were socially and economically dependent solely on their marital status, but also as an age of enlightenment and witness of the French Revolution.

This roman Everyday heroes, young to old, are interviewed to glean their wisdom and secrets for living well. Inspired by Phillipians , topics that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, of good repute, excellent and worthy of praise are discussed, dissected, and respectfully debated. As a mother of six, seminary student, breast cancer survivor, and wife of 30 years, Beth includes many personal helpful tidbits surrounding parenting, health, marriage and spiritual living.

Prepare to be inspired! Are you in a relationship with a first responder or a law enforcement officer? I know what that is like! Code4Couples provides support and helpful information to keep your relationship safe and Code 4.

I am Cyndi Doyle, a licensed professional counselor as well as a law enforcement officer wife, and I want to share my experiences and my therapeutic background as well as bringing in great guests in hopes to help keep relationships for our hometown heroes safe.

We will be talking relation John Piper answering tough theological and pastoral questions. I'm Jackie VanderLinden, founder of holisticjackie. This podcast will share SIMPLE tools, inspiration and interviews all about living a happier and healthier life with less stress, less clutter, less toxins and less guilt. Sound good? Let's do this. Marriage After God is intended to encourage, inspire and challenge marriages to chase boldly after God together and to cultivate an extraordinary marriage with each other.

Stay tuned each week for awesome marriage encouragement. We hope that we can Talking animals, wicked stepmothers, valiant tailors, cruel witches! The original volume published in contained more than 85 tales and this number kept increasing This audio-only podcast is an adaptation of a video-based show, and there will be times when there are references to the visuals in the original episode.

To get the full video experience absolutely free! For more about Emanuel Swedenborg, visit www. Welcome to Nayri Unveiled Podcast! Nayri is personally taking you behind the scenes and unveiling various aspects of the bridal industry! Nayri is the Wedding Fashion Expert.

The James Altucher Show brings you into the lives of peak-performers: billionaires, best-selling authors, rappers, astronauts, athletes, comedians, actors, and the world champions in every field, all We are Tori and Soul, a passionately married same-sex female bisexual couple. We've been together for over a decade yet just recently married. Join us as we explore the sexually social and adventurous swinging lifestyle as lovers, and navigate it as parents as well. This podcast is for couples who are deeply in love with each other and want to explore how ethical non-monogamy can enhance their relationship.

Regardless of whether you're curiously considering it or completely comfortable, list If you've never seen Oban Star Racers, you should. We're not mincing words or hiding our peer pressure. If you love cartoons, if exquisite animation and cool ships and aliens and tightly crafted plotting and emotional drama are everything you could ever want out of your cartoons, you owe it to yourself to absorb this series - and ours, since that's what we're doing.

And if you have seen it? Here's a good reason to watch it again. A woman in prison awaiting a death sentence is given a reprieve because she is pregnant. She migrates to America abandoning the baby to the care of a foster mother.

The child, a girl, grows up and begins working as a servant in a wealthy household. Here she is pursued by the two sons of the house and ultimately marries the younger one. When he dies, leaving her with two young children to look after, she begins a life of deception and confidence trickery which ends in great tragedy and disgra A comedy writer Breakwell and a REAL psychologist Olivas tackle relationship questions and concerns in a funny yet meaningful way -- and they do it all in 10 minutes!

For over 30 years, Greg has been a trusted source of knowledge in the farming equipment industry. Starting with a gut feeling, Greg set off to bring more and better data to the agriculture space. In this podcast, Greg will be sharing stories and conversations from around the industry.

The kinds of conversations t Naked Talk with Jess starts the candid conversations many about shedding shame around our bodies and sexuality. So many inspiring podcasts out there allow us to hear all about how well-established stars got to where they are today. But those actors are so faaaaaaar away from where so many of us are today! Or the kid finally doing a studio pic after a bunch of low budget indies? Nickols Powers is in love with the beautiful Charlotte and desperate to marry her.

Charlotte however, is independent and reluctant to accept his religious views as a good wife should. However, she may still be convinced by the charismatic preacher building a new church in her own backyard. Summary by Michele Eaton. You can call me Dr. Or Count Fathom. But I'm not who I say I am. And can you blame me? My mother was a soldiers' harlot who pocketed extra loot by wandering through the battlefield stripping the dead and dying of valuables.

I don't even know who my father was, except he must have had my handsome looks. People liked looking at me. And people liked how I talked too. Early on, I learned that telling the truth didn't get you the same quick reward as telling them what they wanted to hear, Wealth means so many different things to different people and achieving financial independence is never as straightforward as it seems.

Tick Boot Camp is designed to further the conversation about ticks, Lyme Disease and other tick diseases. Check out our podcast to hear first hand experiences. Meredith Silversmith and Marina Voron from Simply Great Relationships share their best tips for creating the wildly satisfying relationship of your dreams. They provide simple, actionable steps you can use right away to improve your relationship.

Meredith and Marina cover love, sex, communication, dating advice, pleasure enhancement, conflict resolution, desire and intimacy, happiness, connection, and more! This is a must-listen for anyone who is dating, married, or hoping to be in the future.

In this chilling short-story by a master of the craft, Kurt Vonnegut creates a fictional world of the future where life and death are no longer matters of individual choice or destiny. Written in it is set in some unspecified time in the future, when earth has be We're just a couple of kids who've been using Tinder for a good while. Here to share and gain wisdom in this new world where your wife will end up being someone you swiped right on.

Pride and Prejudice, first published on 28 January , is the most famous of Jane Austen's novels.

5 ways to be a better wife Podcast

Listening to marriage podcasts is one way to learn and improve your marriage. By just listening to a podcast, you will be learning from the experiences of other married couples. And applying the lessons you learn will certainly help you to improve your life and marriage.

They are there for you in those dreaded boring moments of your day. Cleaning, commuting, cooking, exercising.

To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. Review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to learn more. Got it! Being A Good Wife Podcasts.

Episode 4: The Good Wife

Log in. Sign up. Subscribe to this podcast. The Empowered Wife Podcast is all about fixing your relationship without your man's conscious effort, even if it seems completely hopeless. Guests share how they fixed their marriages to men with anger issues, narcissism, alcohol abuse, verbal abuse, midlife crisis, affairs, physical abuse and more using the Connection Framework and the 6 Intimacy Skills. Every show highlights the worst relationship advice of the week, reveals the very common mistakes that everybody seems to be making and shows you exactly what to do instead to have a playful, passionate relationship--like over 15, women who have already transformed their relationships and become Empowered Wives. Listen and subscribe to the Empowered Wife podcast with New York Times bestselling author Laura Doyle, the world's most trusted relationship expert, so you can stop feeling lonely, exhausted and unloved and start feeling desired, taken care of and special again. A blog reader got the Worst Relationship Advice of the Week from professionals.

7 Great Marriage Podcasts for Couples ( Subscribe and Listen to Them )

Do you ever find yourself doing chores around the house or commuting to work? Of course you do! Do you ever find yourself bored out of your mind while engaged in these activities? One great way to make the time pass by is to listen to some marriage podcasts. There are a lot of episodes on that subject — their podcast image should be a clue!

What can you do when your husband is not attracted to you? On today?

To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. Review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to learn more. Got it! Wife Podcasts.

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We can say "thanks" but not be grateful. We can mouth words but our hearts are elsewhere. We are fixated on ourselves. We have probably all seen this in ourselves.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Wife of the Party Podcast # 119 - Drinking with Friends 3

The Husband and Wife podcast presents an entertaining, easy listening take on lifestyle topics from internet dating and maintaining relationships, to healthy habits and fitness must do's. Let's be friends! Listen on Apple Podcasts. Kind of. But no, we're talking about what we've been up to, how we plan to spend our time, plus 11 tips to get you through this time.

The Top 7 Marriage Podcasts You Will Love


Put it this way, good people leave and customers sense something is wrong. Knowing this double standard exists, what should a husband and wife now do.


The Empowered Wife Podcast


#046: 7 Ways to Be a Hero to Your Husband (Podcast)






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