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What type of man you like quiz

Lifestyle Celebrity , Husband , love. But walking down the aisle might be a different story! Calling all singles: put your hands up! And take this quiz to find out what type of single you really are! Music country music , Dancing , Lady Antebellum , love , popular.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What Type Of Guy Are You ? Personality Test

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: What Type of Guy Are You? A Male Personality Test

QUIZ: What Kind of Guys Do You Attract?

Damn near every day. At least three times a week. One to two times a week. Once every two weeks. Once or twice a month. Need your space. Get annoyed, then get over it. Don't talk to them for a while. Talk it out and get over it. Call your BFF. Have sex after the fight. Text your side piece. Open a bottle. Don't worry, it's in the stars. What's your biggest weakness? I take things too seriously. I get in my head too much. I have trust issues. I never say what's really on my mind.

I'm a perfectionist. I come on too strong. I'm impatient. It needs to be my way or the highway. What's your favorite feature your man has:. His smile. Via Getty Images. His body. His personality. His fashion sense.

His sense of humor. His confidence. Pick a flaw you'd be OK with your man having:. Perpetually late. Bad listener. Leaves the toilet seat up. Chews with his mouth open. He uses his speakerphone in public. An ideal date looks like:. A quiet dinner. A movie. A picnic in the park. A visit to an art gallery. Drinks at a bar. Pick an activity to do with your man:.

Horseback riding. Drink and draw. Cook a meal together. Visit the zoo. Pick a meal to make together:. Grilled cheese. Spaghetti and meatballs. Baked chicken. Fried rice. None of these.

Ideally how many times a month do you want to have sex? When you have a fight you:. Share This Article Facebook. Newsletter signup form Your email address Sign up.

What Type Of Guy Suits Your Personality?

We are all attracted to different kinds of guys, and sometimes it can be due to the craziest reasons. From the small things they do to, their hair, their smile or simply the way they walk, there are many reasons as to why we would fall for someone. Though we might not be able to easily spot what that thing is, in retrospect we may find a common trend in the guys that we seem to be drawn to. There tends to be a similarity in the type of man we find appealing and it may be that we are attracted to a specific quality or trait.

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun?

Our goal at Zoo. We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. We want you to look outward and marvel at the world around you. We want to dream with you about all your future holds. Our hope is our quizzes and articles inspire you to do just that.

What Type of Guy Do I Like?

Damn near every day. At least three times a week. One to two times a week. Once every two weeks. Once or twice a month. Need your space. Get annoyed, then get over it. Don't talk to them for a while.

What type of man are you? Take the quiz and find out...

Hey girls! How many of you have an ideal guy in mind? Someone who would be optimal dating material, complete with looks, personality, and genetics? Now, how many of your ideal men are actually real?

Please leave empty:. He'd take me up to the top of a hill.

Most women have an idea of what their ideal man would be like. We know what qualities interest us and which qualities are a major turn off. However, sometimes it can be hard to see which type of man we want. So what type of man do you want?

Everyone Has A Type Of Man They’re Attracted To — Here’s Yours

You like straightforward, rough, brooding, traditional men. You like someone with steel and who is practical and realistic. You like a guy with fire in his belly and with strong determination.

Are you having trouble in the dating field? Maybe it's because you aren't sure what kind of a guy you actually like. Let us help you figure it out with this quiz! Created by: shannon. Each of these questions is going to ask you about your own personal likes and dislikes to help in determining the type of guy that you would be most compatible with.


Quiz: Studies Show That Most Adults Can't Pass A 1st Grade Test. Can You? Answer these 1st grade general knowledge questions including subjects like science.








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