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Girl scout cookies harvest time

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Scout Cookies - Some of the BIGGEST & FATTEST buds we've grown.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Fast Buds Harvest

8 Tips for Growing Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Cannabis: The Practical Guide

Its an indica leaning hybrid with high THC content and is great for relaxing in the evening while still being mentally stimulated to get some creative work done. The result is a hybrid that has given grounds for numerous other strain variations called phenotypes like Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint.

Even though its a hybrid its indica genetics are visible in the color and physical features. The color of GSC is often bright green with a lot of purple throughout the leaves and flower buds. Just like indicas, its also fairly short, dense and bushy. The aroma of Girl Scout Cookies strain is fruity, minty, earthy and a bit skunky.

The earthy flavor has somewhat of a chocolaty taste which would be appropriate give the name of the strain. The smoke from GSC can be smooth and not too harsh. Since the Girls Scout Cookies strain is an indica leaning hybrid it can have some relaxing effects. This strain is best used toward the end of the day for that reason. While it can be relaxing, it still has some creative effects to get some work done in the evening be it writing, art or physical activities like yoga.

While the effects are physically relaxing, mentally it is very stimulating. Many users report effects of being happy, uplifted, euphoric and creative. The most common side effects reported are dry mouth and dry eyes which is common among most cannabis strains. As with most high THC strains another common side effect is paranoia. The high THC levels is one of the things that made this cannabis strain popular in combination with the effects.

High THC strains are often good for inducing appetite, relieving muscle spasms, relieving stress and pain. Some users may want to feel relaxed without being sedated and still get the benefits of high THC which the Girls Scout Cookies strain is perfect for. While the name may or may not cause some marketing issues using GSC in marketing would be better it is still one of the best selling cannabis strains in the world.

Products marketed toward evening use or relaxation and stimulation without sedation would identify potential users in that part of the market.

GSC is fairly easy to grow but it will be best to have some prior experience growing cannabis before attempting to grow this strain in order to make the most of the cannabis seeds. Its indica leaning genetics are also visible in the height of the plant.

This hybrid tends to grow fairly short and wide with dense flower buds. So while not much vertical space will be needed to grow some ground space would be needed.

The climate that you would want to re-create would be warm and dry. So areas in Southern California or South America would work out quite well with too much effort.

While the flowering time of both parent cannabis plants is very short the expected flowering time for the Girls Scout Cookies strain is weeks both indoors and outside. While it is resistant to many diseases and growing issues… be on the lookout for a powder like mildew that can attack the plants. The best way to prevent mildew from growing on GSC is to make sure the humidity levels are quite low and use a light diluted spray of neem oil and water.

Neem oil is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and will prevent a lot of things from growing on cannabis. It will also help keep away some insects. This cannabis strain is one of the purest sativas on the planet and comes from South Africa near a city called Durban which is where we get the LSD strain comes from a combination of a very strong indica from northern Afghanistan and a hybrid that has been extremely popular since the Share this: Facebook.

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Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies weed has a skunky smell with undertones of mint. The flavor is surprisingly sweet, reminiscent of candy floss with a hint of spice.

Its an indica leaning hybrid with high THC content and is great for relaxing in the evening while still being mentally stimulated to get some creative work done. The result is a hybrid that has given grounds for numerous other strain variations called phenotypes like Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint. Even though its a hybrid its indica genetics are visible in the color and physical features. The color of GSC is often bright green with a lot of purple throughout the leaves and flower buds.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain & Growing Tips

For the past few years, people in the cannabis world have been talking a lot about the strain known as Girl Scout Cookies. Cookie crosses have won or placed in several Cannabis Cups. Chances are your local pot merchant, whether he or she is working in a medical dispensary or for a delivery service, has something on the menu called Girl Scout Cookies. But the truth is that the genuine Girl Scout Cookies is quite hard to find. The breeders who created this famous strain — an outfit who call themselves the Cookie Family — do not advertise, and they do not enter Cannabis Cups. Their activities are strictly on a need-to-know basis. So when they contacted us here at High Times with an offer to show us one of their rooms and tell us the true story of the GSC, we jumped at the opportunity. Fast-forward to Market Street in San Francisco sometime last summer.

Girl Scout Cookies week 10. Harvest! 3/4lb plant

Behind its innocuous title lies an extremely potent marijuana strain. Even seasoned smokers feel the power of GSC! In this growing guide for Girl Scout Cookies , we offer eight steps and tips. Make sure you follow them as closely as possible, or else you will end up growing a different, and inferior GSC strain. Table of Contents.

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Flaring different shades of green, these buds are a complex mix up of dark and light green, with spots of lighter colorings in between. This elegant mismatch of colors is topped off by dense sprinklings of crystals and orange pistils. Giving these cookies quite the bag appeal. A nice body glow, matched with an intense head rush.


Without a doubt, Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most popular auto strains. It takes weeks for the flowers to become covered with snow-white trichomes and orange pistils. The plant doesnt require special care because of the Ruderalis genes. It grows well indoors and out.

The outcome of this combination is a strong Indica with a good dose of Sativa genetics. Girl Scout Cookies will give you a cerebral rush followed by a wave of relaxation in the body. Aromas, Flavors Girl Scout Cookies are sweet, like baked cookies with lemon, menthol, diesel, spice, sweet, and floral flavors and aromas. May Relieve Girl Scout Cookies bud is a powerful tool against stress and the resultant depression and anxiety. The Sativa component gives the mind a boost of euphoria and antidepressant action, while the Indica component provides relaxation that eases bodily pains, banishes nausea, and improves appetite. THC Content:.

A Quick Guide to Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most sought-after strains on the market and as a result, is often a favorite choice for growing at home in states where cultivation is legal. Choosing the right cannabis seeds is important when cultivating Girl Scout Cookies. Growers who want effective results time after time look for feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds to ensure that all plants are female and their harvest will be somewhat predictable. Very little is known about the origin of Girl Scout Cookies. The only certainty is it was bred in San Francisco, California, sometime in the last couple of years; perhaps or The strain was developed by a Nor-Cal group of associates known simply as the Cookie Family. From there, different phenotypes some perhaps bag-seeds have been distributed throughout the United States. Most notable of this array of Girl Scout Cookies is the "Forum Cut," made available through internet networking among breeders.

The Girl Scout Cookies variety is bona fide high-quality marijuana. It is without a doubt the best Californian strain of all time. Currently Girl Scout Cookies has a.

Here we take a closer look at this iconic strain and explore which products you should buy if you want to start cultivating your own cannabis plants. The birth of many cannabis strains are shrouded in more than a little mystery. The Girl Scout Cookie strain is no different.

Marijuana Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

Girl Scout Cookies, like so many other awesome weed strains hails from the West Coast of the US where she created waves of raving excitement among cannabis lovers shortly after she came to the scene. Today she is the best selling strain on the West Coast and the most popular strain in North America. Just one of Girl Scout Cookies superb traits is her crazy powerful high that mixes happiness and euphoria with up-until-now uncharted depths of relaxation along with her excellent taste. The result at the end sure will absolutely be worth it, just ask anyone who had the pleasure to try her.






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